The Taste of Vietnam Festival July 19, 2019

The Taste of Vietnam Festival July 19, 2019

Taste of Vietnam 2019 Organizing Board

Chairs: Will Doan, Jenny Giang, Jennifer Dao, Khoa Vu
President/Festival Manager: Kelly Le Stage Directors: Dung Mai & Vien Lai
Stage Manager: Nhat Phung
Public Relations: Jennifer Dao, Will Doan
Volunteers Coordinator: Lucy Nguyen

Back stage director: Beant Nguyễn

Singers Talent manager: Kelly Dung Le

Dancers Talent manager: Hien Tran

Talent manager – models: Tracie Phạm Jabby Xa

Director assistant: Quỳnh Trần

Light coordinator: Luke Trần

General stage coordinator: Hùng Mai

Program editor: Vo Nhat

Logistics Coordinator: Dean Edwards, Khoa Vu
Decoration: Selena Trinh, Phuong Dinh, Tuyen La
Marketing: Annie, Khoa Vu, Cuong Trinh, Amia Nguyen, Trang Pham,
Media: VIS Media, Stallone Media, Thoi Bao, SEE MEDIA
Graphic Design & Prints: ALLinBRAND, Stallone Media, LiloLe, Vicky Tong

Board Members: Alex Trinh, Phi Phi Hoang, Angela Nguyen, Hai Hoang

Camera man: Nam Tran. Stallone Media

Choreographers: Loan Tran, Nguyen Le Vy, Truc Ngoc Phan, Giang Dinh, Amia Nguyen, Thao Lam, Maisie Pham

Model Coordinator: Hien Tran, Marie Patenaude, Ngoc Phan
Children’s Area: Tomi Tran, Cathy Pham
Reception Lead: Andrew Viet
Gallery Exhibition: Jennifer Dao

General Inquires, Business, Charity and Food Vendors:

Special sincere thank you to all of our volunteers, who donated their valuable time and money to help Taste Of Vietnam Festival. All of their work is 100% volunteer. Without them, we couldn’t have done it! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your love and support.

Our Singers: Ty Ty, Alex Trinh, Doan Nguyen, Grace Doan Chau, Mai Nguyen, Joseph Anh Quan, Yen Nhi Kelly, Yen Vy Cassie, Binh Nguyen, Phuong Duy Anh, Amy Nguyen, Diem Mai, Nguyen Hung Long, Quoc Vu, Si Minh, Allen Tran, Duong Anh Duc, Ai Linh, Vivian Le, Nguyen Bao Dy, Nhom Phuong Nam, Nhom Huong Viet, Always Green (tieng hat Mai Xanh), Nhom Au Co,

Our models for the Vietnamese 54 Ethnic group parade: Binh Nguyen Rosy Tran Vivian Ly Loan Tran Hoang Tran Phoebe Ngoc Thao Nguyen Uyen Nguyen Hai Quyen Thuy Nguyen Ngoc Yen Yen Thi Chi Loan Co Huong Oanh Pham Trinh Le Amia Nguyen Thien Anh Nguyen Krystina Nguyen Le Thuy Duong Diem Mai Jennifer Lam (BT) Loan Nguyen Tuyet Hanh Chi Thanh Truc Ngoc Thanh Tyra Nguyen Nguyen Yumi Linh Vu Nguyet Anh Thuy Trang Linh Banh Vy Nguyen Thuy Thuy Vinh Trần Phương loan May.N Jenny Lan Khanh Linh Le Meleina Le Lily Tran Ngan Nguyen Kristine My Hanh Hai Linh Diem Quynh Tho Hoang Anh Le Thao Lam Quynh Pham Thuy Anh Nguyen (áo dài) Bà Ba-Linh Do Tứ thân – Thu Trang Dam.

Our Designers models: Hoang Anh Jin Kim Phi Phi Nami Wing Hu Helia J. Maria Pham Hạnh Lý Teresa Huynh Daphne Phi Huynh Mandy Joseph Matsi S. Pooja Yadav Quan Ngoc Thanh Tuyen Vivian Dang Jennit Agudelo Heidi Jannie Cissy shi Ngọc Thảo Tegmundi Victoria Berndt Ash Kalyn Polyna Alexeev Marina Hoang Tiffany Lam Jennit Agudelo Mandy Joseph TyTy Nguyen Quan Ngọc Thanh Tuyền Lý Tuyết Hạnh Kathy Phạm Lê Kiều Miên Shante Brown – Grimes Victoria Truong Daphne Peng Cissy Shi Jin Kim Hoàng Nhật Phi Phi Nhã Pineda Meleina Le Mai Nguyen Nischay Mehta Victoria Berndt Heidi Kittle Ralph Abella Phi Huynh Phung Hoang Trang Le Hoang Anh Zoe Thomson Teg Mundi Bianca Buzila Thi Vu Kezea Gamboa Nelly Trussler Kiavash Mohamadi Thuy Nguyen Thi Truong Giovani David Poroz.

Our Ao Dai Canada dancers: Veronica Phan, Loan Tran, Nguyen Thi Tuyet Nhung, Le Vy Nguyen, Hoang Giang Dinh, Ngoc Thao Lam, Thi Bich Loan Nguyen, Mai Thuy Anh Nguyen, Nguyen Ai Thien Anh Le, Meleina Le, Khanh Linh Le, Linh do, Nguyen Thi Ngoc Thao, Le Ngoc Diem Trinh, Nguyen Hoang Thien Anh, Cuong Trinh, Thanh Thuy Nguyen, Do Thi Lan Anh, Nguyen Nguyet Ngan, Thi Quynh Pham, Dao Phan Hai Linh, Ngo Quynh, Nguyen Huynh Hanh Nguyen, Dam Trang, Nguyen Thu Uyen, Hoang Minh Hien Anh, Ho Mi Pham.

General Help: Ho Duy Quan, Ly Ngoc Nguyen Thao, Nhu Nguyen, Thien Nhan Huynh, Le Nguyen Tuong An, Luke Tran.

Information/reception Booth: Andrew Truong Kevin Tran Lynn Nguyen Shalini Bhagowtee Dat Diep Vy Diep Vincent Luong Sandy Truong Nhien Tran Jonathan On Caitlynn Dinh Jasmine Carter Thao Hoang Vincent Luong.

Kid’s area volunteers:  Cathy Pham, Tomi Tran Andy Phan John Phan Tam Nguyen Linh Nguyen Vy Bui Ngoc Phuong Tuan Phong Vy Pham Thi Thu Huyen Bui Thi Phuong Thao Tran.

Decoration: V, Nguyen La Ngoc Hien, Nguyen Viet Anh, Le Tran Tuong Vi, Thien Nhan Huynh, Ha Le Ha,  Phuong Dinh, Thanh Tuyen, Lucy Hoang, Selena Trinh, Minh Trang, Anh Thu, Annie-Rosy, Tran Thoai, Tran Dung, Vo Ho Dai Ngoc, Ngan Phan Nguyễn Thảo Linh Nguyễn La Ngọc Hiên Nguyễn Việt Anh Lê Trần Tường Vi Thiện Nhân Huỳnh Trinh Duong Hà Lê Hà Nguyễn Khánh Quỳnh

Backstage Crew: Hien Tran, Nguyen Khanh Quynh, To Ngoc Minh Chau, Dinh Vu Hoang Anh, Bui Thi Phuong Thuy, Trang Tracie, Tran Thuy Duong, Do Khanh Ha, Nguyen Thi Bao Ngoc, Le Tuong Vy, Vo Thanh Mai, Quynh Tran, Minh Xa, Vicky Tong, Beant Nguyen, Pham Thu Tra My, Ly Nhan Hoa, Vu Khanh Tung, Mai Viet Hung, Trinh Nhat Khoi, Huynh Thien Nhan, Kelly Dung Le, Phan Chau Phuong Thao, Khanh Lai, Hieu Le, Minh Vu, Phạm Thị Trà My Võ Thanh Mai Nguyễn Thị Bích Thảo Vũ Khánh Tùng Nhu Nguyen Phan Châu Phương Thảo Nguyễn Lê Tường An vicky Tong Nguyễn Khánh Quỳnh Hồ Duy Quân Nguyen Uyen Nhi

Photographers: Peter Nguyen, Binh Nguyen, Pho Duc Lam, David Huynh, Long Tran, Chieu Tran, Phu Huu Nguyen, Sa Xuan Vu, John Chan, Juso Lee…and many more..

Last but not least, Thank you to each and everyone that came out to support our first Taste of Vietnam Festival (TOV) to celebrate the Vietnamese Food and Culture, meanwhile helping us be a BIGGER VOICE AGAINST HUMAN TRAFFICKING within our city and the world. We were informed by City Hall supervisor that over 18,000 people came out to the TOV festival. Thank you all for making this all possible. See you ALL again next Taste Of Vietnam #2 in July 2020 at Nathan Philip Square, City Hall Toronto.

Much Love,

Ao Dai Canada